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Regional Institute of Ophthmaology and Govt Ophthamic Hospital
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Academic activities


Courses Handled


Under Graduate


Post Graduate

Diploma in Ophthalmology
Master of Surgery in Ophthalmology
Diplomate in National Board
Research / PhD
Update training for Practising ophthalmologists


Diploma Course in Optometry
Diploma Course in Nursing



Diploma in Ophthalmology                   - 24 students per year
Master of Surgery in Ophthalmology   - 12 students per year


Diploma Course in Optometry             - 30 students per year

Course duration


Diploma in Ophthalmology                   - 2 years (After acquiring M.B.B.S degree)
Master of Surgery in Ophthalmology   - 3 years (After acquiring M.B.B.S degree)


Diploma Course in Optometry            - 2 years (After passing +2 examination)

Academic Reputation of the institute can be evinced by the following facts

  •  Licentiate course in Ophthalmology - instituted for the first time in India in 1920 attracting post-graduates from all over India and countries like Canada , Australia , Africa and South-East Asia .

  •  First institute in India to commence Diploma in Ophthalmology in 1942 and Master of Surgery in Ophthalmology in 1949.

  •  The institute serves as the examination centre for International Council of Ophthalmologists with the faculty present .

  •  The Training Programme of the Institute is recognised by the Royal College of the Ophthalmologists, UK , and two year training in the institute is acknowledged and accepted as equivalent to Basic Specialist Training Programme in Ophthalmology of United Kingdom.

  •  The radiance of erstwhile students in various world centres simply substantiates the standards imparted and achieved.


The Institute is recognised for undergraduate teaching in the field of ophthalmology as a core syllabus of the MBBS programme with a sanctioned annual intake of 150 students.

 The students pursuing the MBBS course at Government Madras Medical College are posted here for a period of ten weeks (100 hours) on rotation, for training in ophthalmology as a part of their curriculum.

There is a well structured orientation and curriculum based teaching where students are given exposure to the common clinical eye diseases and their management.

For details on MBBS course admission and course curriculum contact Government General Hospital , Chennai and the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University .


Diploma in Ophthalmology

The Institute was the first in the country to institute this course in the year 1942, prior to the independence of our homeland.

The two years diploma course in the institute is recognised by Medical Council of India with affiliation to Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University with an annual admission for 24 students for the programme. Admission to the course is through the Tamilnadu Government post-graduate medical entrance examination.

The residents of the programme rotate within various speciality units in the hospital, and are taught the basic principles of ophthalmology in each subspecialty.

Regular teaching programmes, daily lectures by in-house faculty, weekly clinical discussions, exposure to workshops, seminars, journal clubs are a part of the structured training programmes offered here.

The residents are trained in the diagnosis and management of common as well as difficult eye conditions and are given hands on training in surgical skills.

They are encouraged and guided to participate in regional and national conferences for paper, topic, and poster presentation.

Master of Surgery in Ophthalmology

Again the institute pioneered in starting this course as the first of its kind during the year 1949.

The three year degree programme is part of the Masters Programme setup by the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University with an annual intake of 12 postgraduates.

They rotate between the institute and the Government Madras Medical College for training in basic surgical science including general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery etc., as part of their curriculum and also within the various subunit of the institute.

While being exposed to the training programmes organised on the lines of diploma programme the trainees are also guided in the selection, structuring, workup and presentation of thesis work.

Both the diploma and degree residents take a very active part in surgical theatres and are guided and assisted by a team of well qualified teachers.

A wet lab is available throughout the year for the residents for practising and developing their surgical skills. They undergo a performance based assessment and individual attention and guidance is given whereby they have a gradual and well rooted learning curves.

Diplomate in National Board

The Institute has been identified and recognised by the Medical Council of India and the National Board of Examination for its academic activities and was providing this course programme until 2003.

The institute has been officially designated as the examination centre for DNB in Ophthalmology. Currently, due to government regulations and stand, is awaiting a final nod to resume this programme.

For further details on the course curriculum and updates contact the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi .

Practising ophthalmologists

There is an ample opportunity for practising ophthalmologists who are encouraged and guided in the following Short Term Course Programmes. Each of these courses are two months/ three months duration and designed for ophthalmologists who are keen to further their clinical skills.

  •  ECCE / IOL Training Programme

  •  SICS / IOL Training Programme

  •  Phaco / IOL Training Programme

  •  Corneal Eye Banking Programme

  •  Glaucoma Training Programme

  •  Medical Retina Training Programme

  •  Strabismus training programme

  •  Paediatric Ophthalmology Training Programme

  •  Low Vision Aids Training Programme

Practising and interested ophthalmologists from the nation are invited to enhance their clinical and surgical skills through the above programmes.

Research / PhD

The Institute is recognised for Research /PhD programmes with affiliation to Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University both in the field Ophthalmology and in the allied fields inclusive of Microbiology and Pathology.

Facilities for Research

  •  Rooms

  •  Books and Periodicals

  •  Clinical Guidance

  •  Well maintained theatres, diagnostic and therapeutics equipments

  •  Monitored and well structured training programmes.

Paramedical Training


  •  The Institute has an exclusive School of Optometry to train and develop optometrists, established in 1962.

  •  There is a 2 year Diploma Course in Optometry offered by the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology with affiliation to Government of Tamilnadu.

  •  The school trains students in understanding the principles of refraction, practice of refraction, prescription of glasses, dispensing spectacles and mastering them in the art of refraction.

  •  30 students a year become a qualified optometrists armed with best refractive skill available in the country.


  •  Training Students of Diploma in Nursing, B. Sc (Nursing), and M. Sc. (Nursing). ANM, PMOA’S, MPHW are a regular part of the Nursing Courses curriculum under the Government of Tamilnadu.

  •  They are given exposure to understanding the eye diseases and problems faced by the visually disabled.

  •  They are trained to identify early signs of eye diseases; post –operative care to the patients; operative theatre skills and grow into compassionate and skilled support team workers.

Periodic Academic activities

Workshops/ Seminars/ Courses and Conferences

Conducted both as a part for teaching curriculum, and continuing medical education the institute conducts on an average six workshops per year and a symposium every month.

The teaching programme in addition has 75 demonstrations and 50 tutorials per year on an average.

The speciality units of the hospital also conduct regular instruction courses in their subspecialty encouraging the practising ophthalmologists to update themselves.

An Exam oriented “Ophthalmology Review Programme” is conducted annually specifically for students of other institutions enhancing their aptitude with lectures, clinical discussion and model examination.

The teaching faculty and senior residents constantly update their knowledge by attending CME programmes and conferences conducted throughout the nation.

The Post-graduate students have been consistently presenting papers, posters in the annual Tamilnadu ophthalmic Conferences and the All India Ophthalmic Conferences.

Numerous papers have been published by the students of the institute in various national and international ophthalmic journals.

  •  Case presentation – Daily

  •  Lectures - Daily

  •  Journal Clubs – weekly

  •  Seminars – Fortnightly

  •  Subject Review – Weekly

  •  Clinical pathological Review – Monthly

  •  Grand Rounds – Monthly

  •  Guest Lectures – Monthly

  •  Library- well equipped with current books, periodicals, audiovisual aids, and computer with inyernet facilities.

Academic activities including Continuing medical education programmes are a regular feature at the bicentennial Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai. On an average, six workshops and twelve symposia are organized each year, besides the monthly clinical society meetings, clinical discussions, 75 demonstrations, 50 tutorials and the daily lectures. The key academic activities of the institute during the period of January to December, 2008 are highlighted here.

Continuing Medical EducationProgrammes

  • CME programs conducted at ooty ,dindugal,dharmapuri and chidamabaram- Prof Dr.M.Radhakrishnan.,MS DO

  • A CME on Orthokeratology was conducted by the cornea dept in August 2008.- Dr.K.Vasantha ,M.S(Opth)

  • A CME on Lamellar Keratoplasty wass conducted at the in which Donald Tan, eminent corneal surgeon from Singapore was present.- Dr.K.Vasantha ,M.S(Opth)

  • ‘PRESSING NEEDS IN GLAUCOMA’, Prof Dr PM Swaminathan Endowment, February 2008.

  • Workshop for the general ophthalmologists residents.

  • A CME on Lamellar Keratoplasty was conducted at the in which Donald Tan, eminent corneal surgeon from Singapore was present.

Guest Lectures

  • “Body language skills to enrich ophthalmic practice” at Vishakhapatnam ophthalmic association meeting at Vishakhapatnam. -Dr.K.Rajasekar

  • Gave a talk in the postgraduate instruction course at Narayana Nethralaya,  Bangalore in Jan 2008.- Dr.K.Rajasekar


  • A lecture on an overview of Leber’s congenital amaurosis by Dr. Sharola, USA..

  • EMBRYOLOGY AND ANATOMY OF EYE –July and August 2008 

  • ‘Lectures on embryology and applied anatomy of eye and brain

  • Dr Anbumani, Professor of Anatomy,Chengalpet Medical College, Chennai.

  • ENT Lesions Ophthalmologic and Neurophthalmologic Interest & Endoscopic Surgery

  • Anatomy Of Cranial Nerves-Prof Anbumani.,MS

  • Nasal Endoscopic Surgeries In Ophthalmology-Dr.Thulasidas.,MS(ENT)

  • Ptosis & Its Management-Dr.Betharia, Former Prof.Aiims,New Delhi.

  • Lacrimal System-Dr.Betharia, Former Prof.Aiims,New Delhi.

  • Ocular Manifestation Of Dermatological Lesions-Dr.Jayakumar

Courses and Training

Fifth Ophthalmology Revision Course, December 2008.

An instruction and objective structured competitive examination (OSCE) orientation course for DNB final year residents.

Throughout the year, regular short term certification courses in the following programmes are being conducted for qualified ophthalmologists from all over India.

  • ECCE / IOL Training programme.

  • SICS / IOL Training programme.

  • PHACO / IOL Training programme.

  • Corneal Eye banking programme.

  • Glaucoma short term fellowship.

  • Strabismus Training programme 



Ocular Injuries




Investigation Retinal Diseases


Congenital Glaucomas




Orbital Tumour


Uveitis In Aids,Masquerade Syndrome


Contact Lens






Congenital Optic Disc Anomalies


Ocular Trauma /Infections





56th Tamilnadu Ophthalmic Association Conference OASIS-Chennai, August 2008.

22 Papers were presented by the residents of the institute under the category, ‘Free papers’.

20 Posters were presented by the residents of the institute under the category, ‘Scientific Posters’.

Symposiums in OASIS

Talk on Oculoplasty, Prof Dr Radhakrishnan M 

Tips and Tricks session OASIS. Prof Dr Vasantha K

Talk in Neuro ophthalmology symposium on ocular motor nerve palsy, Prof Dr Namitha Bhuvaneswari K

Talk in Strabismus symposium on Esotropia, Prof Dr Namitha Bhuvaneswari K

Talk in Debate on Secondary PCIOL implantation preferred in children, Prof Dr Namitha Bhuvaneswari K

“Newer anti- VEGF agents in research “- talk in Diabetic Retinopathy symposium, by Dr Rajasekar K

“Endophthalmitis – early recognition and management from a general ophthalmologist point of view” at retina symposium, by Dr Rajasekar K

“Glaucoma in ocular trauma” – in ocular trauma symposium, by Dr Rajasekar K

Instruction courses on the following were conducted

‘SICS in an instruction course during the OASIS conference’, by Prof Dr Vasantha K.

‘Ideal tonometric technique and importance of Central Corneal Thickness’, by Prof Dr Velayutham V.


66th All India Ophthalmological Conference, Bangalore, February 2008.

Instruction courses on the following were conducted.

Infective keratitis, by Prof Dr Vasantha K

Poster Presentation

Ewing’s Sarcoma of the sphenoid presenting as proptosis - awarded Best Paper by Dr Pradeep , Dr Maragatham K, Dr Velayutham V.

DR. K. Vasantha -Gave a talk in the postgraduate instruction course a Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore in Jan 2008.

66th All India Ophthalmological Conference, JAIPUR, February 2008.

All India Ophthalmological Society – Jaipur-February 2009 

8 Papers Were Presented By The Residents Of The Institute In All The Sub Speciality Under The Category Of Free Papers

5 Posters Were Presented By The Residents Of The Institute Under The Category Of Scientific Posters.

Upcoming events

All India  Ophthalmic Conference-2010

Venue-Kolkata February –2010

Ico Exams

Application Issue Examination Centre-Rio-Goh-2010

Ophthalmology Revision Course

Revision Course – Students Aspiring For  Dip Nb,  Ms Ophthalmology Exams-Dec-2009

Dip Nb Course –2009

Dip Nb Revision Course-In The Month Of December-2009

Glaucoma  Work Shop-2010

Glaucoma Work Shop-In The Month Of February-2010.

Prizes and Awards

Medal Exam-  For Undergraduate  Students

Every Year Medal Exams Are Conducted, Medals Are Awarded In Memory Of Professor Ttr , After The  Completion  Of University Exam Every Year.

Best Out Going Students-For Post Graduate  Students

Every Year -One Best Out Going In Each Discipline-Master Degree/ Diploma In Memory Of Professor Sathiyavakesan Based On The University Exam Results

Best Clinical Presentation Award

Every Year Awards Are Presented For The Best Clinical Presentation For Master Degree / Diploma Students, In Memory Of Professor Ttr.

Awards  for the year -2008-2009


Best Eye hospital in Chennai, awarded by Lion’s club, Chennai.

Faculty Members

  • Prof Dr M Radhakrishnan awarded the Prof Gnanadickam Gold Medal Oration 2008 -OASIS, Chennai. 

  • Prof Dr M Radhakrishnan received the Helen Keller’s Knight of the Blind, Lion’s club, Chennai.

  • Prof Dr K Vasantha received the first Dr G Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

  • Prof Dr K.Namitha Bhuvaneswari received the Helen Keller’s Knight of the Blind, Lion’s club, Chennai.

  • Orthokeratology - a New horizon, awarded the CP Gupta Best Paper Award

  • Jewel Of India Award for the Year - 2008 Dr.V.Velayutham.,MS.DO.


Post Graduate - Dr.S.Thirumangai recieved award for Best Clinical Presentation.