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 Department of  Pharmaceutics
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Research and Publication


Research In Pharmaceutics Covers A Broad Spectrum Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ranging From The Design, Optimization, Formulation And Evaluation Of Drugs, Through Studies On Methods Of Various Drug Delivery Systems And On The Fate Of Drugs In Animals, To Research On The Clinical And Sociological Aspects Of Pharmacy.

  • To Build And Increase The Research Base And Capacity By Providing Research Support To  Postdoctoral Fellows And Graduate Students At The Participating Institutions In Newer Techniques

  • To Enhance Science And Technology Knowledge To The Staff And Students In Current Trends

  • The Faculty Of College Of Pharmacy  Is Actively Involving In Collaboration Program With Various Premier Institutions /Universities In India

Research Program Carried Out In The Following Area

  • Preformulation And Incompatibility Studies.

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Controlled Drug Delivery System

  • Process Validation Of Formulated Products

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Novel Drug Delivery System

  • Design, Optimization And Characterization Of Nanoparticles

Future Plans Of The Department

  • Targeted Drug Delivery System

  • Herbal Formulation And Standardization

  • Bioavailability And Bioequivalence Studies

  • Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Models

Research Conducted

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Gastroretentive Floating Tablets Of Ranitidine Hydrochloride.

  • Design And Development Of Pulsincap Drug Delivery System As Drug Targeting Of Anti Hypertensive Drugs.

  • Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Dual Release Technology In The Form Of Inlay- Tablets Of Metformin Hydrochloride And Glibenclamide. 

  • Design, Development And Evaluation Of Chewable Soft Gelatin – Encapsulated Pharmaceutical Adsorbates.

For the year 2008-09

  •  Licensing And Technology Transfer From Research And Development To Production In Pharma Industry.

  • Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Mouth Dissolving Tablets Of Voglibose By Dried Compression Techniques

  • Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Losartan Potassium Immediate Release Tablets

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Isosorbide Dinitrate Extended Release Matrix Tablets

  • Optimization And Evaluation Of Pioglitazone Coated Surface Modified PLGA Nanoparticles

  • Preparation, Characterization And Toxicity Study Of Polymeric Nanoparticles For Anti-Diabetic Drug – Repaglinide

For the year 2007-08

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Non Aqueous Gel And Emulgel Containing Aceclofenac, Methyl  Salicylate , Menthol & Linseed Oil.

  • Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Amisulpride Oro Dispersible Tablets Prepared By   Effervescent  Technology.

  • Formulation Design And Evaluation Of Chewable Tablets Of Montelukast Sodium For Use In  Pediatrics.

  • Formulation Development  And  Evaluation Of Compression Coated Tablets Of Tamsulosin  Hydrochloride And Dutasteride.

  • Formulation,Evaluation And Invitro Release Kinectics Of Bilayer Tablets Containing Cefixime – Lactic Acid Bacillus And Dicloxacillin.

For the year 2006 -07

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Ropinirole Hydrochloride Tablets.

  • Evaluation Of Porous Polypropylene Powder As A Carrier In The Development Of Floating Multiparticulate Unit System For Cardiovascular Drugs.

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Aspirin/ Dypiridamole Tablets For Synergistic Antiplatelet Activity.

  • Formulation Development Of Olanzapine Orally Disintegrating Tablets.

  • Process Validation In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Ongoing Ph.D. Projects

  • Bioadhesive Powder For Nasal Delivery Of Drugs (Progesterone).

  • Development And Evaluation Of Controlled Release Formulation For Inflammatory Diseases.

  • Studies Of Lactulose Formulations For Colon Specific Drug Delivery.

  • Study On Antiviral/Anticancer Activity Of Drugs Using Solid Lipid Nanoparticles.

  • Pharmacokinetic Studies On Flavonoids

  • Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical And Pharmacological Evaluation Of Incarvillea Species.

  • Study On Development And Evaluation Of Osmotically Controlled Oral Drug Delivery System For Inflammatory Drugs.

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Sustained Ocular Delivery System.

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Antimicrobial And Antileucorrhoea Tablets Of Herbal Origin.

  • Formulation And Evaluation Of Nanoparticles Entrapping Antituberculosis Drug.

  • Design Optimization And Characterization Of Antirheumatic Drug Loaded Nanoparticles.


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