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History of the Department


Prof.K.Ramachandra                      Prof.K.V.Thiruvengadam                      Prof.A.N.Chandrasekaran

                             Prof.K.Ramachandra                                       Prof.K.V.Thiruvengadam                                   Prof.A.N.Chandrasekaran

The Rheumatology services of Govt General Hospital  and Madras Medical college were  started  under the aegies of Dept of Medicine. The wards of General medicine were utilized to treat  rheumatological patients. Initially the department  was functioning during 1972,  under the Chiefship of  Prof. K. Ramachandra, the then Professor of Medicine. A full fledged department with 2 Assistant Professors, 2 Staff nurses and 1 technician was established during the tenure of Prof  A. L. Annamalai and latter functioned under  Prof .K V Thiruvenkadam .A separate department of Rheumatology was created by the Government of Tamilnadu with the sanctioning of a post of reader. Subsequently the department wad upgraded in to full fledged centre of excellence with all teaching, research, and patient care facilities with 30 beds. The department was first of its kind in the entire nation  to function under a independent Professor of Rheumatology while in the rest of  the country the rheumatology services were under the control of Professor of Medicine.

This is the only department offering   D.M . post   Doctoral Degree course in Rheumatology in the entire nation since 1991. Two D. M  seats  are available and are approved by the Medical Council of India. This super speciality   course  proved to be pioneer in  rheumatological training in the entire country. D.M course is  affiliated to the Dr. M.G.R. Medical University. Every year 2 qualified rheumatologists are going out to meet the ever growing demands of the vast populace of this glorious state of Tamilnadu. Some o f the qualified rheumatologist have even settled in the neighboring states,  promoting  interstate exchange of human resource services . Its of great pride that PhD  in rheumatology  affliated  to Dr. M. G.R. Medical University was initially started only in the department.

The department was functioning until 2004 in the library block. After the construction of the glorious Twin Tower blocks, the department is functioning in the 6th floor of the Tower Block I. Independent  male and female wards are   functioning in wards 166 and 161 respectively catering to the needs of patients from all over the state as a tertiary referral care centre for rheumatology. The department at present is equipped with a Professor and HOD and 3 Assistant Professors, one additional professor of immunology, an assistant professor of immunology, laboratory staff, paramedical personnel, social worker, nursing staff, record clerk, artist cum photographer, nursing assistants and ward attendants in both regular and contract basis.
The department is offering out patient services on all days of the week except Sundays. The out patient care is provided   between 8.00 a. m  and  10.00am.  The department is unique in   its services as care is offered with expensive medications and a state of the art physiotherapy unit. The quality of the rheumatological care the patients receive is comparable to any of the western countries.  International rheumatologists of Indian origin as well renowned international faculty visit the department every year and the quality of the care is   recognized by the international fraternity.

The immunology lab is offering tissue typing and cross match facilities to the needy  patients enabling the cadaveric renal and other  transplant programs to function smoothly.


  • The department is first of its kind in the entire country to offer exclusive D.M post graduate post doctoral degree since 1991  This department is producing 2 specilists with D.M qualification every year who are catering to the 6 crores of  Tamilnadu state population.
  • The department is unique in offering rheumatological services with advanced patient care investigatory and therapeutic modalities in the entire state of Tamilnadu
  • Rheumatologists produced by this esteemed institution are catering to the tertiary referral care government institutions and  the other multispecility corporate hospitals in various parts of Tamilnadu, since there is dearth of specialists in this field.
  • Apart from expert  rheumatological care, the department is contributing to the field of research in rheumatology by various research and developmental activities.
  • Research papers of international standard and quality are published periodically in medical, and rheumatological journals. Original and review articles are regular feature in national and international journals.
  • Professors and rheumatologists from this reputed institution  have done reviews to various books in rheumatology. One  of our professors have been an international reviewer for the latest textbook of Rheumatology by Kelly.
  • Training and research in rheumatology gained tremendous momentum during the early 1990s during the tenure of Prof .A. N. Chandrasekaran.  Madrs Medical College has  pioneered national conferences of Indian Rheumatology Association. Our institution had organized national  rheumatology conferences during 1988, 1994 and 2004.
  • P.hd  programme  in rheumatology was initiated in our institution and research work in rheumatology had its zenith during the past decade contributing to the growth of advanced rheumatological care and postgraduate training.
  • Postgraduate training has reached international standards. Rheumatologists from various nations such as U.K,U.S.A visit us in an annual basis and  review our treatment protocols. Our approach towards patient care and our diagnostic acumen has received international recognition and approval. The foreign dignitaries are highly appreciative of our approach towards vasculitic disorders especially Takayasu’s arteritis.
  • Every year the department organizes seminars and CMEs on October12th The,World arthritis day. Besides the department conducts workshops on October 20thWorld osteoporosis day.
  • During  the annual conferences  of Indian Rheumatology Associtation, various scientific papers are presented either in a poster or oral presentation. Post graduates and Assistant professors and professors have, on several occasions, received best paper and best oral and poster presentation awards. National rheumatology experts unanimously agree the pioneering role played by the Department of Rheumatology  in the propagation of rheumatological awareness among medical community and lay public. The  services of our department in the promotion of rheumatological education by the conduction of various medal exams at the graduate and postgraduate level is well appreciated. Students of M.B.B.S and M.D degree courses show enormous interest in various academic activities promoted by the department.
  • M.D General Medicine post graduates from all the govt medical colleges throughout the state are posted as a part of their training. The intense training they receive ensures greater rheumatological awareness among young physicians across the entire country since we train all the national level doctors selected under All India quota.
  • Physiotherapy interns from all the city colleges are imparted 15 days of training in rheumatological physiotherapy enabling them to become acquainted with specific  targeted rheumatogical care.
  • M.S ophthalmology post graduates from Govt Opthalmic Hospital are posted for training. The training ensures interdisciplinary understanding for better healthcare delivery and efficacious application of  knowledge in treating patients with ophthalmic complications. Students of other medical colleges are also posted for training during their M.S.Opthalmolgy  course.
  • Students of Physiatry Medicine from Govt  Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine are posted during their course and this proves very useful for them to understand the physical aspects of rheumatological diseases and their rehabilitation measures.
  • M.Sc. Nursing students are posted during their training which enables them to learn the intricacies of critical care of lupus patients and various immunomodulating drug administration.
  • The department concentrates in imparting adequate and appropriate knowledge to all the students posted in various capacities with the esteemed intention of preparing the young minds in meeting challenges posed by complicated rheumatological diseases.

To summarise, the department is unique and first of it’s kind in the entire country

  • First exclusive department of Rheumatology to be headed by an Independent Professor .

  • First to start D.M (Rheumatology)

  • First to start PhD in Rheumatology

  • First to institute arthroscopic services

  • First to bring out the Journal of Indian Rheumatology Association(JIRA)

  • First of it’s kind to introduce immunology Laboratory to carry out all immunological investigations including Autoantibodiis including HLA-Tissue Typing and CrossMatch for Transplant patients

  • Service Personnel from Armed Forces had 2 full year,full time intense training in Rheumatology.-  Lt.Col Achuthan, Lt.Col Arunachalam, Lt.Col.Narayanan, Major.Shanmugananthan

  • Training imparted to other Physician from all over the country -  Dr.Joy Phililp M.D from Trivandrum, Kerala is a Senior Interns in several M.B.B.S Doctors with special interest in Rheumatology had training for a period of 3-6 Months                    

  • MUSCULOSKELETAL ULTRASOUND FACILITY - Musculoskeletal USG available for detecting joint effusions,synovial hypertrophy, bony erosions, cartilarge erosions, tenosynovitis, for assessing Carotid –Intima medial thickness to asses atherosclerotic plaques, and for intralesional injection therapy.

Foreign dignataries visited since inception

Foreign dignataries visited since inception

Dr.Marcus J Fuhrer Phd
Professor Of dept Of Rehabilitation
Bayor College Of Medicine
Houston Texas USA


Dr.Simon Md
David Grand Medical Center
University Of California


Rheumatologist Bombay


Dr. Malcom  Jayson
University Of Manchester
Rheumatic Diseases Center
United Kingdom


Dr.S.Bozsoky Md
Prof And Hod
Dept Of Rheumatology
Budapest University


Jan Hanslock
Consultant Rheumatologist
Middlesburough General Hospital
Cleveland England


Dr.S.Navarathnam Mrcp Dch
Consultant Physician In Rheumatology
And Rehabilitation
Nuffield Nursing Home
Bastidon And Thurock
United Kingdom


Dr.Vicene Grenznek
Dept Of Sociologia


James A Mc Padzean
Director Of Research
May & Baker Clinic


Prof.L.P.Le Quesine
Medical Awards Administrator
The Association Of Commonwealth University


Who Consultant
Tropical Diseases Research(Malaria)


Mayo Clinic


Dr,.Eric Walkman
United Kingdom


Dr.Terry Gibbson
United Kingdom


Mrs.Barbara M  Ansel
Dumgoyne Temple Wood Lane
United Kingdom


Prof M.A.Khan
Methhealth Medical College
Division Of Rheumatology